Job Coach for People with Disabilities

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The opportunity to professionally work in a self-determined life is difficult to realize for many people with disabilities. Job coaches assist people with developmental, cognitive and / or mental illnesses in their social and economic integration into the primary labor market. Actors from five countries have teamed up to compare their job coaching experience. Within the framework of an Erasmus + project they were able to exchange ideas and develop common products over 3 years.


The aim was to develop a Europe-wide recognized qualification profile for the advanced training and further education of job coaches. Special attention was given to the various conditions for labor market integration for the various types of disability. The partners do not only come from different countries, they also have different access to the topic, so that the project could be viewed from many sides.

The following organizations were involved:



  • Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen - Project Management; Project management, technical management;
  • Grone-Bildungszentren Nordrhein-Westfallen GmbH - non-profit
  • University of Applied Sciences Münster



  • Beroepsvereiniging Jobcoaches Nederland - project partner until 2016
  • Stichting Cordaan



  • Association JA-TY-MY
  • Association "Niepełnosprawni dla Środowiska EKON



  • Les Genêts d'Or


Great Britain

  • Quinn's University of Belfast






Grone Bildungszentren NRW - Germany



In twelve federal states, Grone is committed to improving the social and professional opportunities of young people. The goal is the integration of young people in company training and work as well as the sustainable securing of employment. We offer a differentiated and individual support: methods that are geared to the diversity of the group, employees with target group experience, a comprehensive regional network and integration-oriented offers. In Dortmund and the surrounding regions, we qualify young people as well as young adults and accompany adults with various problems during their training and integration into the labor market.


We have particular experience in assisted employment for people with disabilities. For years, Grone has come up with particularly high integration rates. The ISPA pilot project "Inclusion through sport and work" successfully tests special paths into the job market. The Erasmus + project "Job Coach for People with Disabilities" also builds on this area and shows the international experience of various European organizations from France, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany.

Polen und Deutschland sichtbar.


Website Grone Bildungszentren NRW



University of Applied Sciences Münster - Germany


With more than 14,000 students, the FH Münster is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the region. Within the areas of design, health and social affairs, engineering and economics, prospective students have over 80 courses of study to choose from. All offers have one thing in common: Being able to apply the knowledge is in the foreground.

Beyond the boundaries of the faculties and institutes, the University of Applied Sciences Münster works together with regional, national and international research institutes and partners from industry to develop innovative answers to current challenges. This is also the case at the Social Welfare Department: its concern for many years has been the research into treatment, care and effectiveness with regard to aid for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.



Website Fachhochschule Münster



Cordaan - Niederlands


Aims to help anyone in need of care, support or assistance. Elderly poeple with dementia or physical aliments, children and adults with learning disabilties and people with mental health problems. Descent, religion, age or natur of the disability don´t play a role: these differences add colour to Cordaan.


Cordaan provides care and assistance on a small scale in and around various locations, and in the community, at home or „just like home“ wherever possible. We are committed to stimulating people´s abilities, and repect and admire people´s right to be independent and make their own choices. Everyone must be able, to lead the life they choose, in their own familiar surroundings for a long as possible. When this becomes a problem, they must have the option of moving to a safe, friendly care location. Key words that define Cordaan´s core values are: colourful stimulating, familiar, friendly, caring and nearby.


Cordaan provides care to around 20.000 people in 120 locations in every district of Amsterdam and Diemen, as well as in Huizen and Nieuw-Vennep. We do this with a staff of almosst 6.000 employees and more than 2.500 voluntees, in association with informal carers and care professionals, research instituts and numerous social organisations. In its capacity als one of the largest care organisations in Amsterdam. Cordaan aspires to lead the way in developing long-term care in the country`s capital.


Cordaan staff are professional enjoy their work and feel appreciated for their commitment, involvement and attentive care.


Website Cordaan



Queen's Universität Belfast, Nordirland


Foundet in 1845 as Queen´s College Belfast, today we are a member oft the Russell Group, combining excellence in research and education with a student centred ethos. We pride ourselves on giving all students a world-class education and our students are making an impact across Belfast, across Northern Ireland and further afield creating an inclusive campus and a diverse city. Our researchers are at the forefront of discovery and innovation with ambitious projects o address global problems and make a difference to society worldwide.


Our Centre for Behaviour Analysis (, an international research centre with associations from across QUB, other national an international Universities and Research Centres, and the local and international community, is the partner for the Erasmus+ „Job Coach for persons with disabilities“ project. The Centre for Behaviour Analysis is based on a philosophy of inclusion, evidence-based effective education, and person-centred research and practice and aims to provide knowledge and skills that improve confidence and competence and lead to improvements for individuals, families and caregivers, and society. We conduct research into a range of topics related to Education, Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Learning across the lifespan..


Website Queen's Universität Belfast



Les Genêts d'Or - France


is a social organization wich purpose is the recognition, the support and the integration of persons with disabilities.


We take care of about1700 beneficiaries in 100 different services (1270 employees):


-Services for children

-Services for adults with severe disabilities

-Services for workers

-Specialized services for workers with ASD

-Services for seniors in situations of high dependency



Website Les Genêts d'Or



JA-TY-MY - Polen


The "JA-TY-MY" Association is a leader in the implementation of services and activities supporting the development of social economy in Lodz and the Lodz region in Poland. It breaches barriers and creates solutions aimed at developing social economy. It supports non-governmental organizations and social enterprises in creating new jobs, strengthening structures, developing competence of employees and management. It conducts activities aimed at creating a network of partnerships of NGOs, local authorities and entrepreneurs. JA-TY-MY animates and supports local environments in the implementation of new initiatives and solutions. It works with people who are excluded, including people with disabilities.


Website JA-TY-MY



EKON - Polen


is a social enterprise that has been conducting economic activity since 2003, which profits for the implementation of its statutory objectives, focused primarily on:


1. social and professional activation of people at risk of social exclusion, mainly people with severe and moderate disability;


2. activities for environmental protection, including ecological education;


3. support for market economy entities in creating jobs for people with disabilities.



The association is pro-market oriented. All jobs were created with own resources, using only instruments provided for by the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled People.


The effect of the EKON's pro-employment activities is the implementation, among the others, of two original projects that have been recognized by state institutions, local governments, and NGOs. The projects have also received many publications, articles, and reports in the national media:


1. "EKO-work" - the project combines pro-ecological and pro-employment activities. It involves the creation of „green jobs” in environmental protection for people without employment opportunities in the open labor market - people with a significant and moderate degree of disability, especially mentally ill. As part of the project, employees deal with the collection of electro-waste, paper for destruction, as well as packaging waste "at source" (from the door of apartments), and the preparation of waste for recycling in Recycling Park. Currently, we employ around 300 people in this project. We also deal with the social integration of disabled people with able-bodied residents, breaking stereotypes in thinking about mentally ill people. We implement individual development plans, create support groups and conduct socializing and professional training.


2. "In the Land of Acceptance" - a project based on the supported employment, based on introducing people with disabilities to the open labor market with the support of a job coach. At present, EKON employs 43 work trainers who support the employment of both sides - disabled persons and contractors throughout the country. Our partners in the implementation of this project include Auchan, Carrefour supermarkets, OBI supermarkets, Leroy Merlin, Deichman, Gino Rossi, Hilton hotel, etc. EKON has been co-operating with Carrefour Polska for 7 years. Carrefour’s diversity management policy and strong commitment of its staff ensure a fruitful co-operation in support of vocational and social activation of people with disabilities. In 2017, as part of supported employment, 410 jobs were created for disabled people assigned by EKON to 140 Carrefour stores.


Owing to the co-operation with Carrefour, we significantly contribute to the improvement of the social and vocational situation of the disabled and their image as valuable employees.

This project allows to include companies and corporations in a socially responsible business (CSR) system, ensure diversity in the company and break down social barriers, which are often the reason for excluding disabled people from social and professional life. We have repeatedly proved that disability does not have to be an obstacle, and such a person can be fully valued in the workplace if he works in a position adapted to his competences, skills, and needs. Around 800 people found employment in the project.



Website EKON