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Job Coach for People with Disabilities

in a European comparison

July 4, 2018, Dortmund

09.00 AM


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Reception and coffee, registration


Welcome by Claudia Veltkamp, Managing Director of Grone-Bildungszentren NRW


Welcome by Ullrich Sierau, Lord Mayor of the city of Dortmund


Job Coach for people with disabilities – Presentation of the Erasmus+ project and its results by Anna Block, Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen

Download: Presentation


Short film by the Partners EKON

Download: Film

Download: Film Text


Job Coaching in theory and (good) practice – Contribution by Dr. Alina Kirschniok, Grone Bildungszentrum Dortmund, about quality standards for the work of the Job Coach for people with disabilities

Download: Lecture


Creating a future for everyone –Short film by the German partner Grone-Bildungszentren NRW

Download: Film


Vocational integration of people with disabilities – short interviews with stakeholders, companies and Job Coaches about hurdles and the conditions for success


Coffee break


Short film by the French partner Les Genêts d'Or

Download: Film


Shaping inclusion within a company – Job Coaches from France, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany report in small groups about their work.


Lunch break


Inclusion in motion – Practical exercises for self-awareness with Monika Fotescu-Uta, prima ballerina und Sophrology-therapist

Download: Presentation


Special competence of a Job Coach MB – Contribution by Dr. Ewa Matuska on how to deal with different types of disabilities

Download: Presentation




A.Jobcoaching für people with autism:

Prof. Dr. med. Röttgers, FH Münster, Deutschland


B.Jobcoaching for people with mental illnesses:

Marea de Brujn, Netherlands

Download: Presentation


Agniezka Kolodziejczak, JA-TY-MY, Poland


C.Jobcoaching for people with different possibilities for learning:

Birgit Feinstein, Grone Bildungszentrum Dortmund, Germany


D.SophroDanse as a method for self-awareness through movement and dynamic relaxation

Monica Fotescu-Uta, Deutschland


E.Educational coaching within the model project "Career planning inclusive“:

Björn Ballbach, ACCESS Nürnberg/Germany



Coffee break & Get Together

Short review of the workshops and perspectives


End of event